Red Chili

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Red Chili powder Indian Spice

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    Fresh Premium Quality Ingredients Used

    Home Made & Hand Made with atmost care & love

    No Preservatives or Added Colors

    Fresh Locally Sourced Ingredients from farmers around

    Providing employment to rural women, hence providing rural women empowerment


                      Set your taste buds on fire along with your tummy too! - At times when you need it really by using RED CHILI POWDER in your cooking.  Don’t ever have a second thought about this.  Set it on and way to enjoy your food!


    Red chilies are an inseparable spice from Indian cooking.  Whatever curry, sauce, pickle, chutney or paste is prepared the red chilies or red chili powder is an essential ingredient.  This is mainly added to fulfill the food that is being consumed without which it is not for the Indians.  Whenever we add red chilies as a whole or red chili powder, the flavor of it seeps out and enhances the taste of the food when it boils. But to get the right taste in your food you need to buy perfect red chili powder.


             Among the variety of ground red chilies available, the best ones with zero percent adulteration is bought directly from farmers, pulverized and freshly packed by Sitara.  Buy online for the best Red Chili Powder that you have ever tasted and enjoy using it in your cooking.


    How and where to use Dried Red Chili Powder?


             Can you eat bland food?  The answer is a “NO”, isn’t it?  So, to add spice to your life and food along with a flavor, color and look of the dish, this addition of red chilies becomes a must.

    ·      You can add it in any of your vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries to add more spice to your food.

    ·      It is especially used while you marinate something before frying be it cauliflower, potato, paneer or chicken, fish, mutton or shrimps.

    ·      You can use it to make your tomato sauces more palatable for the elders of your family without the sweet taste which only kids like actually.

    ·      When you prepare a dahi chat, pav bhaji, chole bhature, dal makani, kofta curry, rajma curry, mutton kuruma, chicken 65, Shrimp gravy etc. don’t forget to add Sitara Red Chili Powder to give the right spice needed for your food.

    ·      Cook a pot of any kind of beans with a little red chili powder, turmeric powder and salt.  Serve it with only steamed rice.  It is the best ever healthier food for you and your family.

    ·      Mix a spoon of red chili powder with your dhal or pulav or quick spaghetti or pasta treat for your kids.

    ·      A tea spoon of it along with your mixed vegetable paratha or vegetable paratha or methi paratha will taste extra ordinary.

    ·      Add one spoon of Zozostar red chili powder in your khichdi and see how your family members are going to appreciate you for the twist in its taste.

    ·      When you make tomato thokku or pickles at home you need to be careful with the chilies used as you are going to store them for a long time than usual.  At that time, it is better you chose a non-adulterated chili powder.  Don’t hesitate!  Order Online from zozostar for the best pure red chili powder.

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