Turmeric powder

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Turmeric powder

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  • Constituents of Turmeric:


             Scientifically known as Curcuma Longa, turmeric is a special herb grown in South East Asia.  It has two key therapeutic components namely turmerone and curcumin.  Turmerone is a compound found in turmeric which stimulates neural stem cells and is very effective when patients with neural impairment are treated using it.  Turmeric is the future medicine for sufferers of strokes and Alzheimer’s.  Curcumin is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and it is the one which gives turmeric its magical-powers.  It is the only bioactive substance that has no side effects and fights inflammation at the molecular level.  This curcumin only gives the yellow color to the turmeric powder.


    Healing Properties of Turmeric:


             A nature’s gift to keep your system clean is this turmeric powder and it serves its purpose only when in its pure form.  The place where you can get non-adulterated turmeric powder is from people who buy and grind it directly from farmers.  We at Sitara have the ideal quality turmeric powder which will give you completely all the medicinal properties. 

    ·      Turmeric is the best antibiotic ever seen.  It works externally to kill germs when made into a paste and applied on wounds and it also kills bacteria and germs inside your body when used in the food you cook.

    ·      Those who have the habit of applying turmeric powder after taking bath are totally free from any kind of skin allergies or bug bites or any other external skin problems.  Remember our grannies used to do it.  In fact, it reduces excessive hair growth in any place in the body when applied daily and helps to treat women who have problem of hirsutism (abnormal hair growth on the face and body).

    ·      The curcumin present in turmeric turns the environmental toxins into carcinogens in the body. 

    ·      When turmeric is added while cooking it alleviates inflammation in the digestive system by improving easy digestion of fats and sugars.  After all it is so difficult to control our tongue and we eat more or less at many times.  Now at these situations comes turmeric to our rescue.  You can mix 1 spoon of turmeric in luke warm water and drink it to get rid of stomach pain.

    ·      Mix a spoon of turmeric with milk while it boils and add a tea spoon of pepper along with it.  Filter this milk and drink it when you have severe cough and cold.  It soothes your throat and helps you get rid of the allergy cough you have.  It prevents flu.

    ·      Turmeric treats osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  If you need temporary relief from mild joint pains and inflammation, consume this spice on a daily basis.

    ·      It reduces the symptoms of bloating and gas.

    ·      It helps to detoxify your liver, prevents anemia, will keep you more immune.


    Why reserve a special box inside and outside your kitchen always for TURMERIC?


             Turmeric has its own values either when used along with cooking or just applied outside. Order online for the real turmeric powder with no preservatives or additives from Sitara and get benefited genuinely.


    Internal Uses:


             Turmeric is an essential ingredient in all gravies and curries prepared in India.  Not only in the side dishes but also in the main course people have the habit of including a pinch of turmeric to give it the yellow color.

    ·      Turmeric is used in pongal, kesari, khichdi etc. to add flavor and color.

    ·      No pickle is prepared without adding turmeric powder in it as it gives a rich color and cooling effect for your tummy. 

    ·      Many sweets and desserts are prepared using turmeric color when you need an attractive look like in jalebi, kesari, palkova, popsicles, halwas, ice creams, cakes, candies etc.

    ·      It is used in dhal when prepared for roti, chapathi, phulka or paratha.

    ·      Any curry like paneer butter masala, mushroom gravy or Manchurians all have a pinch of it added either while sauté or while grinding any mixture for it.

    ·      An ayurvedic medicine that cures almost all diseases and hence form a part of may ayurveda medicines.


    External Uses:


    ·      Add a pinch of it in your moisturizer to get a perfect skin tone for your color.

    ·      Add a pinch in luke warm water and drink in the early mornings to get rid of any pain in your stomach or even gut leak.

    ·      Relieves you of any kinds of inflammation happened due to accidents or any swellings due to bug bites. 

    ·      If you have any minor skin burns then treat them easily with turmeric application.

    ·      Apply turmeric powder to cuts and wounds to prevent further bleeding and work as an antiseptic at the same time.

    ·      When your child loses his or her milk teeth and if their gum bleeds, apply turmeric to stop bleeding.

    ·      When you have nail hammer, just heat turmeric powder in castor oil and keep it in a betel leaf, tie that leaf with the paste in your hands or legs wherever the swelling is there.  Do this process for three days.  The skin becomes soft and all the pus will come out without pain.   

    ·      If you apply turmeric powder made into a paste on eczema, funga infections, psoriasis etc. it reduces itching to a greater extent.

    ·      Turmeric powder when mixed with butter and applied on the mucus lining of your nose helps in clearing sinuses and chronic sinus which causes headache too.  This helps you to get rid of common cold frequently.


          Being the Golden Goddess of Ayurveda it is also called as Haldi and is an essential part of your life from childhood to old age.   Purchase online from Sitara for the non-adulterated turmeric that has been bought directly from the farmers, grinded and freshly packed for you. 


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